Here’s where Obama stands

I’m just giddy. I’ve somehow, without much effort, made Obama a liar. You see, he’s a liberal politician. He doesn’t want to admit to this but his voting record proves otherwise. So what I’ve done, with the help of my friend Dirtgullet, is I’ve made him lie about his record. He’s of course the most liberal person in the senate but he knows liberal means he’s on our side. So he has taken pleasure, and I mean in a good way for us, in not admitting the true. You’ll be happy to know, or will you?, that he feels no remorse in his lies. We have convinced him that he is more important, by his own measure, than the enemy. He sees himself as replacing the enemy. So for now, and with the help of my uncle Screwtape, along with assistance from Dirtgullet, we will let is pride overwhelm him. And hopefully, by the grace of Satan, he will continue his lies. Cross your fingers. He still has a long ways to go before he is fully in our camp.



One Response to “Here’s where Obama stands”

  1. Obama is great « Screwtape Says:

    […] He doesn’t like to be called a liberal. Notice the delightful dishonesty in this latest claim. Of course he’s a liberal. But by denying this, he’s ultimately lying, something we find refreshing, to all his little followers. This makes for great opportunity. We can obscure and muddle the means of words so as to make these vile creatures do our work and not even know it. Be sure to check out my nephews great work on Obama here. […]

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